ANADC 新聞 | 翁善偉受邀擔任2018 WAF世界建筑節設計獎評委

Weng Shanwei, Founding Partner of AN Archiitecture & Design Company,will be judging in WAF Awards 2018.



啊嗯設計創始合伙人翁善偉先生受邀擔任2018 WAF世界建筑節設計獎評委。

Weng Shanwei, Founding Partner of AN Archiitecture & Design Company, was recently invited to join the jury panel of 2018 World Architecture Festival Awards.


WAF世界建筑節是國際建筑界最具影響力的設計節之一,在這里,人們交流思想和靈感,旨在促進世界建筑的交流與進步。WAF世界建筑節設計獎的評審團由先進的建筑師、室內設計師和其他專業人士組成。今年的評委包括Sir David Adjaye OBE,Miquel Adria,Nathalie de Vries,Tom Alexander,Simon Allford, 胡如珊等,來自35個國家的130多位建筑師和設計領域專業人士。

World Architecture Festival is one of the most famous architectural events in the world, where the world architecture community meets to celebrate, learn, exchange and be inspired. The award will be judged by a jury panel consisting of leading architects, interior designers and other industry professionals. The other juries include Sir David Adjaye OBE, Miquel Adria, Nathalie de Vries, Tom Alexander, Simon Allford, among more than 130 architects and design professionals from 35 countries. 


請點擊鏈接瀏覽2018 WAF世界建筑節設計獎全部評委。

Please click at the url for all the judges composed of the jury panel of 2018 WAF Awards.